Donor Form Submission Instructions

*Please note: This is a fillable PDF form and can be submitted electronically by email or by postal mail.

The preferred method to submit your donation is electronically by email.

If you haven’t downloaded the form yet, click the download button in the upper right hand corner       . Open the form and fill it out.

Next, click the print button in the upper right hand corner         .

Submission by Email:

To save the form, select Save as PDF in the Destination section. Save the document with preferred name and location. Click on the email button below and send it as an attachment.


Ray                   Scott

Submission by Postal Mail:

Select the preferred printer in the Destination section. Print the document and send via postal mail to one of the addresses listed below.


Ray Hollingsworth, SCI Detroit Treasurer                                                                 Scott O'Farrell, Past SCI Detroit President

31468 Armada Ridge Road                                                                                     42542 Dotson Ct.

Richmond, Michigan 48062                                                                                     Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313