2021 SCI Detroit “Official Ballot”

Steve Breuning

I have been involved with SCI Detroit for the past eight years.  I became involved because I strongly believe in conservation and the right to hunt.  I realized that just being a member was not enough. Active participation is required to really have an effect; especially in educating young hunters and non-hunters on the enjoyment and importance of hunting.  I have served as Secretary and the as President of SCI Detroit for four years.  I am an avid hunter and always hunt with the ultimate goal being what’s best for conservation.  I have enjoyed my time on the board and would love to continue.  Thank you for your consideration.

Ryan Schatzberg

I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life.  I grew up enjoying the outdoors and got into hunting and fishing more seriously about thirteen years ago.  During those past thirteen years I have truly developed a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and the challenges that hunting brings. I have spent the last seventeen years working in the military and defense industry which has allowed me to travel extensively across the globe and cultivate an even greater appreciation of the conservation of land for hunters.  I have always felt a need to give back to others so I’ve   participated in feeding the homeless during the holidays and have worked as the regional director for a non-profit organization as a resource for burn survivors and their families.  Through my participation with the Detroit chapter of SCI I hope to continue to do my part to spread the word for the necessity of conservation of hunting land while also giving back and supporting the veteran community.

Eric Chenoweth

I am a hunter and love the outdoors.  I also enjoy pheasant hunting locally and Whitetail Deer hunting in Michigan or Texas.  One of the highlights of my hunting career was a trip to South Africa with a SCI outfitter.  On my bucket list is a Caribou hunt - coming soon.  I’m a real believer in conservation; protecting our 2nd amendment rights and helping Americans enjoy the hunting experience and the outdoors.  I am currently serving on the Detroit SCI board.           

Tom Fairman

Married for 35 years with 3 adult children which shows I have tenacity and patience.  I started hunting with my uncles about 10 years old and have been chasing wildlife whenever I can ever since.   Being prepared and setting up for success are the two biggest lessons I've learned in the last 50 years.  I'm concerned about the future of hunting since the number of hunters is declining and our voices need to be heard in order to preserve this hobby for future generations of folks who love the woods and fields.   
I've had a varied work life.  I now provide metrics on industrial production for combat vehicles and equipment in an effort to ensure our troops get the equipment they need to do their job (and as a taxpayer get my money's worth).  I've volunteered and spent over 6 years (on and off) deployed in the Middle East and Asia in the last 16 years. 
As a member of the SCI and board my wish is to bring more value to our local members beyond fund raising for the great work the SCI does to protect hunting rights.  I'm and advocate for making the pheasant shoot an annual event and would like to see more group hunts like that made available, possibly waterfowl hunts.  I'm an advocate for youth and with continued support hope to see our group have seminars on bow hunting, black powder, and more, in addition to hunter's safety classes that would be open for members to participate.